Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bombardier, being a responsible corporate citizen means continuously improving our ability to make a positive contribution. It includes advancing the development of our communities by safeguarding human rights and investing through donations and sponsorships. It involves volunteering to support community projects, as well as engaging with academic institutions, local organizations and other key stakeholders.

Below are a few highlights of our contributions in China.

Bombardier Earthquake Relief Fund under the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF)

(Cash donation of RMB 1 million made by Bombardier Inc.)

  • RMB 250,000 - Sponsored ten temporary Bombardier Hope Classrooms, which formed into two temporary Bombardier Earthquake Relief Schools;
  • RMB 750,000 - Sponsored a Bombardier Electrician Class at Sichuan Chengdu Bainian Vocational School, and established a Bombardier Electrical Workshop at Beijing Bainian Vocational School.

About Bainian Vocational School

Bainian Vocational School (BNVS) was founded on the belief that education is both a beacon, lighting the journey of life, and the foundation on which secure, cooperative communities are built. In 2005, with the support of CYDF, BNVS opened in Beijing as a tuition-free, charitable vocational school. It aims to help young people (age 16-18) from extremely-low-income or migrant worker families to acquire vocational skills and prepare them for better-paid and more sustainable career. In order to help families in earthquake-hit areas, BNVS opened its branch school in Chengdu in 2008.

About the Bombardier Electrician Class

The Bombardier Electrician Class is composed of 30 young students from earthquake-hit families living in Sichuan Province. With funds donated by Bombardier, these students will receive a two-year, free education (including curriculum, residency, and living expenses) to prepare them for a career as an electrician with a property management company, manufacturing workshop or other electrical engineering related business.

In addition to gaining technical skills, these student will also be taught the morals (including appreciation, gratitude and volunteerism) that will help them succeed in life.

About the Bombardier Electric Workshop

This workshop is equipped with air conditioner, aerator and other electric facilities to help students learn the basic theories of electric engineering.

Bombardier China Employee Donations

(Cash donation of RMB 67,915 made by Bombardier China employees)

Warm winter coats: RMB 31,200

These down-filled coats were provided to students prior to the dramatic drop in temperatures during the winter season.

Thick Blankets and Covers: RMB 25,000

Warm, soft woolen blankets were sent to students to help keep them warm during the cold winter months.

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