Transportation projects

Projects in China

A wide range of our rail transportation and aviation products are currently in service in the Chinese market.

In total, more than 30,000 rail vehicles, locomotives, bogies and propulsion systems are in operation or on order in China, including more than 3,500 high-speed train and intercity passenger train cars, 580 electric locomotives, over 2,000 metro cars, and maintenance for 1,600 metro cars as part of China’s growing urban mass transit market. Bombardier is also supplying, or has already supplied, APM systems to China’s five largest cities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In addition, Bombardier has supplied 104 tram cars for two other Chinese megacities (Nanjing/Suzhou) and in 2017 won its monorail contract in China, for 240 cars. A total of over 14,000 Bombardier bogies are currently in use in China’s mainline and urban mass transit vehicles while Bombardier’s propulsion and signalling equipment, largely supplied to third-party metro car builders, are in operation in more than 30 Chinese cities.

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